Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Members,

The women of the Zeta Kappa chapter of Sigma Kappa at Angelo State University are so excited to meet each of you during the 2019 Formal Recruitment! We are hoping that you will be able to find your “home away from home” during this process. Sigma Kappa unites its sisters through our personal values: friendship, personal growth, loyalty, and service. As a Sigma Kappa, you will leave college with lifelong best friends and a foundation for leadership.

Although you may feel anxious or uncertain as you begin recruitment, that will quickly change to self-confidence and leadership in our chapter. Sigma Kappa sees untapped potential for you, and wants you to believe it for yourself. You’re going to go through so many things as you embark on this journey: problems at home, loss of friends and family, moments of wanting to quit and retreat back to that dark place of self-doubt… but, I want you to know you will overcome each moment of adversity with your sisters right by your side. The lifelong best friends that you will make through joining Sigma Kappa will have your back and we will be the support system that you have always needed. From Bid Day to your last day in chapter, Sigma Kappa will be the greatest decision you could ever make!


Formal recruitment may seem intimidating now, but shortly after this week you will find your sisters for life that will make leaving San Angelo that much more difficult after graduation. The women that make up our chapter, although all special in their own unique ways, come together to make a big, close-knit family. Being apart of Sigma Kappa will maximize your college experience and help you find your home that that makes you feel unique, cherished, empowered, and loved for the amazing woman that you are.

P.S. We wish you the best during Formal Recruitment and we are thrilled to meet each of you!

Dove Love, Sigma Kappa Zeta Kappa