Chapter Philanthropy

Service is one of Sigma Kappa's core values, so Zeta Kappa hosts and supports several different philanthropic events! Our founders have inspired us to live up to our Sigma Kappa values and to live with heart through service just as they had.

We host , attend, and support several philanthropic and service events on and off campus. Below are just some of our philanthropic events that we do to raise money and serve our philanthropies. 

Fall 2018 Alzheimer's Walk.

All year round Zeta Kappa sisters work to raise money for our annual Alzheimers Walk. This foundation funds Alzheimers care, research, and raises awareness.


Ultra Violet Week

Zeta Kappa hosts fun events for the entire Angelo State campus to attend all week long. Our events are all fun competition such as tennis, volleyball, and glow up dance marathons.