Alumnae Experience

"When I made the decision to attend ASU, I signed up for sorority recruitment as soon as I could. I wanted to join an organization that would provide me with priceless opportunities to grow. Little did I know that this shy girl would end up with leadership positions and never did I believe I would be the president! Sigma Kappa quickly became my home in San Angelo and I couldn't imagine my college experience without it. I found my future bridesmaids and the women who will stand by me no matter what. Sigma Kappa gave me more than I could have ever asked for. As I prepare for graduation, I know I will never be alone." -Rachel Lindberg

"What started out as a college adventure turned into a lifetime of friendship, loyalty, service and personal growth. Sigma Kappa has forever changed who I am and I can't wait to share that with collegiate women around the country. Zeta Kappa is full of loyal, outgoing, passionate, and inspiring women that I'm lucky enough to call my sisters." -Remington Jackson

"Sigma Kappa has made my college experience. Being in Sigma Kappa has given me the confidence to always strive for more. My absolute best friends came from Sigma Kappa and I am so grateful. I'm lucky to have my sisters to keep me grounded and comforted. I will never regret the experiences Sigma Kappa has blessed me with." -Alyssa Flores

"There is so much I could say about how much of an impact Sigma Kappa has made in my life but truly all there is to say is thank you. Thank you for giving me my best friends, my home away from home, and memories I will never forget. I will always hold Sigma Kappa near and dear to my heart." -Kendall Arroyo

"Sigma Kappa has been the one thing that I knew I always had in college. It is my home away from home and the thing I would turn to for every life experience, good or bad. I'm so glad I met the incredible people I have in my life and all the memories that have made college so fun through Sigma Kappa." -Sydney Seaver